Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

They say the camera adds three pounds, so no wonder celebrities want to look their best on screen.  Celebs are subject to so much scrutiny, we tend to forget that they are real people just like us. It must be hard having to look perfect all the time.

Christina Aguilera

Christina was bullied for her weight gain after having her children, which is so uncalled for. The gorgeous star has since lost the weight and is looking as beaut as ever. She is now engaged to her son’s father, but she also has another son with her ex-husband. As long as she is happy and healthy, that is all that matters.


Britney Spears

It’s no secret that the princess of pop has struggled with weight issues of her own. Throughout her career, Britney has been known to take off and pile back on the pounds but these days, she’s looking her best. With her Las Vegas residency, Britney is finally reigning supreme again with the rock-hard abs she used to sport during her teen years. Currently, she’s down to 117 lbs.


Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of the talk show circuit, Oprah has always had an issue with her weight. It fluctuated many a time during her talk show years; from very heavy to downright thin. These days Winfrey managed to lose a whopping 160 lbs and keep them off! She has a personal trainer and nutritionist to help her keep a balanced diet and fitness lifestyle. When in doubt, bring in help!


Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley has been very open about her battle with weight. She even became the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. At her heaviest, she was around 230 lbs, but more recently managed to lose double digits at 65 years old! She looks younger and more energized and has shown that hard work and self-belief can get you a long way.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie’s weight loss transformation is a bit different than your average celebrity. The Simple Life star struggled with substance abuse issues for most of her young adult life and has often been accused of hiding an eating disorder. While these wild, food allegations have never been proven, Nicole continues her restrictive diet of juices and vegetables in order to maintain the Hollywood body.


Abby Lee Miller

Abby became noteworthy while on the reality show, Dance Moms, as the loud-mouthed dance teacher who always produced incredible dancers. Coming into the Hollywood spotlight made Abby realize that she needed to slim down for health reasons. She went from a size 24 to a 16!


Tyra Banks

The super tall model was never big, but the world is so quick to judge. Tyra was put in the spotlight for the slightest weight gain. The standards for models are so high that as soon as Tyra showed any weight gain, the media pounced. This picture of her in a swimsuit caused a lot of controversies. She is human just like us.


Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie has publicly battled with her weight for many years. Being on TV and in the public eye can’t be easy. Her health forced her to undergo surgery, and now she’s impressively lost 175 pounds. These days she is on the talk show, The View, expressing her thoughts and opinions on the masses, whether they want to hear it or not.


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne was known in the past to be troubled and was trolled for being overweight. She eventually grew out of her teen angst, lost 50 lbs and is now a business woman in her own right. Now that’s what we like to call a transformation! She is now comfortable in her own skin, and hasn’t let the media tear her down.


Chris Pratt

It’s hard to believe Chris Pratt’s physical transformation. He went from dad bod to muscle man for a movie role, but he kept the weight off and looks healthier and happier than ever. It’s amazing what losing some weight can do to a person’s overall wellbeing and hot factor. He is recently divorced from actress Anna Faris, and the couple have a son named Jack together.


John Goodman

The Big Lebowski and Flintstones actor, Goodman had always been a big guy in Hollywood; so when he revealed a stunning 100 lbs weight loss, we were shocked and amazed. He said he wanted to lead a healthier life, so he stopped drinking, dropped sugar altogether, and started working out six days a week! He looks so much better than his Coyote Ugly days, as adorable as he was, we like the healthier version better.


Kate Hudson

Now Kate Hudson is nowhere near fat. But when she was pregnant with each of her sons, the actress managed to gain 70 pounds each time! Kate managed to drop every single pound, thanks to work outs and food planning, but wow. Her main fitness focus to this day is her Pilates routine. She often posts on social media what she does to keep her body in tip top condition, inspiring us all to try that much harder. She recently wrote a book entailing how she stays happy and healthy.


Zach Galifianakis

The Hangover star looks totally different after losing some serious weight. His reason? He said that he wanted to be healthier for his children and so he stopped drinking and started being more active in his daily life.


Christian Bale

Bale’s weight loss was for his role in The Machinist, Unusual for us to see the usually buff, former Batman, main man looking as thin as a substance abuse individual. Thank goodness it was all an act. However now he has gained some pounds for his latest role as Dick Cheney and boy does he look different. We wonder how long it will take to lose.


Raven Symone

That’s So Raven leading lady looks absolutely stunning after her dramatic weight loss. She has opened up about how hard it is being under the spotlight, but she tries not to let it get to her. She claims that people are always giving their opinion about what she should and shouldn’t eat and it can get tiring, but she did it for herself and feels good for that.


Mariah Carey

Celebs are expected to bounce back straight away after giving birth. Mariah took longer than is accepted in Hollywood to lose the baby weight, which got everyone talking. Eventually the diva lost the remaining weight and came back with a vengeance! The pressure on Hollywood’s women to get back to their pre-baby weight is very high.


Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline may have been formerly known as Mr. Britney Spears but after his divorce from the pop star in 2006, he quickly became known as “K-Fat.” The former backup dancer claims that the unwanted nickname made him want to drop the extra weight he had put on and he soon joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club to make that happen. K-Fed went from 240 lbs down to 190.


Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel may have been a little pleasantly plump back in the day but as of 2014, he’s seemed to make a lifestyle change for the better. He lost the bulk of his weight in the oddest way, though – actually, it’s quite dangerous. Kimmel doesn’t exercise so instead, he opts for calorie deprivation and occasional starving. He eats less than 500 calories two days out of the week and when he first began the weight loss journey, he was on a strict 2,000 calorie a day diet. The late night talk show host looks great but we wouldn’t advise readers at home to use his method of weight loss.


Seth Rogen

Seth Rogan is the hilarious actor, known for being cuddly. The Knocked Up and Pineapple Express funnyman has lost some serious weight, and looks amazing! He credits his weight loss to cutting down on alcohol, partying, and eating better. He is now happily married, and it totally shows. Keep it up Seth.


Sam Smith

Sam Smith shocked all of his fans with his drastic weight loss transformation. As he kept rising to the top of the charts, the numbers on his scale kept climbing downward. At first, Smith worried the public with his 14 lb weight loss in just two short weeks but now, he’s gotten his diet needs on track and exercises occasionally. The singer claims that when he wants to indulge on a vice he does it, but only if he wants the goodie super bad. What’s the hardest part of Sam Smith’s food regimen? No coffee or tea, unless it’s a part of a daily meal.


Adam Richman

Adam is known for his role on the show star of Man vs. Food. Obviously the show played a major role in his weight gain, as well as obviously causing him health problems along the way. He dropped out of the show in 2012 and has taken back control over his eating, assisting in his tremendous weight loss.


Kim Kardashian

Kim’s body is almost always a topic of conversation. When she had each of her children however, she gained a lot of weight for her five foot frame. She always manages to drop it, with a strict diet and exercising plan, assisted by her personal trainer and chef. She has recently stated that she is in the best shape she has ever been, and frequently shares her workouts with her fans on social media, even working out twice a day sometimes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.29.01 PM

50 Cent

50 Cent is a good looking, successful rapper. So when we saw his weight loss we we’re extremely concerned. We calmed down when we learned that he lost the weight for a move role; he played an athlete who was diagnosed with cancer in the film, All Things Fall Apart. He did gain the weight back. We bet it’s kind of fun getting to put it all back on, but in a healthy way of course.


Dr. Dre

The music producer and rapper had an incredible transformation. The successful mogul and rapper took over the music industry and


Rob Kardashian

The youngest member of the reality royals, Rob has struggled with his weight a lot over the years. He stopped filming the show and was rarely seen in the spotlight, but he recently came back to social media to make an announcement. The once reclusive star, who shunned the spotlight for years after his weight ballooned, shared a snap of himself taken in Las Vegas in May 2016. He wrote alongside it: “I don’t look like this anymore #thetransformationiscoming #staytuned #nosurgery #putinwork.”

Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul herself lost an impressive 85 lbs to regain control over her weight, health and life. Aretha is 74 years old these days and the weight loss means that she is going to be around for far longer, what an impressive transformation. Hats off to her.


Jerry Ferrara

Jerry Ferrara, the Entourage fave weighed a little more than 200 lbs; as you can see from the photo on the left. But just look at him after losing 50 lbs! Jerry looks amazing, almost unrecognizable. His weight loss landed him several other roles that he otherwise would not have gotten due to the need for a certain look. Jerry helped himself and his career at the same time.


Wendy Williams

The talk show host got the world talking about her weight loss. Granted she made sure everyone talked about it on her show, but she should be proud of her hard work paying off. Just look at that tiny waist! That’s what a 50 lbs weight loss will get you.


Perez Hilton

We just couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this before and after. Perez may not be loved by all in Hollywood, but he sure knows how to transform himself. The celebrity personality and blogger lost an astounding 70 lbs and really transformed himself. Perez is known for his website, where he discusses celebrities and does not hold back his opinion on their lifestyles and gossip.


Tom Arnold

Tom’s weight has always been on the heaver side. His drug and alcohol habit only made the scale tip in the unfavorable direction. So when Tom became a father, he decided to throw out the bad habits and bring on the good. It worked because he looks incredible these days.


Ricky Gervais

The Office star and award show host lost an impressive 40 lbs, and he looks great. We always loved him before, but wow this weight loss really transformed him.


Alec Baldwin

Baldwin saw his weight climb in the last decade as his career spiked. But in 2013 he discovered he was pre-diabetic. Since then he’s taken steps to change for the better and lost over 60 pounds. His glamorous wife Hilaria Thomas, put him on a strict diet and got him moving again. He is looking great these days, yoga really does a man good.


Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah has been and always will be a curvy beauty. She lost a fair amount of weight while also getting a chest reduction, all of which make the Queen look more slender and beautiful. When in Hollywood curves are not usually promoted, Queen Latifah made it her signature move. She is known for not listening to any negativity about herself, knowing who she is and how she leads her life.


Randy Jackson

Music producer and former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, showed the world what a transformation really is. Jackson lost the weight he needed to take control over his Diabetes and lead a healthy life again, thanks to gastric bypass surgery.


Jordin Sparks

50 lbs and she look AMAZING. Sparks looks fit and healthy, curvaceous and stunning. We can give her compliments all day long over here. She decided to really get her body together when she and her long time boyfriend decided to break up. She took breakup body to a whole new level, and we are loving it! Just one step at a time.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer may not have won American Idol, but she most definitely won at life. She has since won an Academy Award, become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and lost an astounding 80 lbs. Making her look amazing and solidifying her mark on Hollywood. She is also a mom and wife these days.


Star Jones

These before and after shots show how much she lost! The television star used to be very overweight. She used the help of surgical measures, but when it comes to health, it doesn’t matter. Star dropped a tremendous amount of weight to look healthy and manage her life. Star Jones is still looking great these days and managing to keep the weight off in a healthy and balanced way.


Drew Carey

His workouts were an impressive six days a week, and his diet consisted of all things healthy in order for him to lose the weight. We honestly thought that over time he would get sick of that only healthy way of life, but Drew truly embraced the lifestyle and has never looked back.


Al Roker

Our favorite Good Morning America co-host used to be one heavy guy. Al Roker lost a mind-blowing 150 lbs by way of gastric bypass surgery. He stated once that he had to do the surgery since he, on his own, would not be able to do it. We think you look fab Al.


Jonah Hill

Taking a cue from his friend, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill lost a ton of weight and is looking more youthful and healthy than ever. He is one celeb that definitely struggles and is known to yoyo quite a significant amount, the struggle is real Jonah we get it. But he will never lose his humor we hope in the bid for. the perfect bod.


Ricki Lake

The 90s talk show host has always been on the yo-yo dieting bandwagon. In 2007 Ricki lost the weight for good. She looks refreshed, youthful, happy an rested. We miss her on primetime television.


Nicole Polizzi

The legendary Snooki from Jersey Shore. She was a big drinker and party girl until she got married and had a couple of children. Once she became a mom she decided to say goodbye to party life and get healthy. She has lost 42 lbs and never looked better. We all remember those scenes from the show where she was too drunk to move, but now she has swapped shots for vegetables.


Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has certainly had her ups and downs on the scale, most recently losing the pounds again and looking slender and chic as ever. The 50-year-old has a body of a 30-year-old and has a baby.


America Ferrera

Known for her role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films and most famously as Ugly Betty on the TV series. She told the media that she decided to be healthy for herself but that she refused to diet, that it didn’t work for her. You go girl.


Jason Segal/post_page_title]

The former How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, Jason felt like he had to lose weight so as to be a credible on-screen husband to British bombshell, Emily Blunt. He lost 35 pounds in just under a year. He did the slow and steady method to his weight loss, keeping off the pounds to this day. He has never looked better, age is truly agreeing with him.


[post_page_title]Khloe Kardashian

The outspoken member of the Kardashian clan, Khloe has always been labeled the ‘fat sister’, well fat no more! Khloe has lost 30 pounds and is looking amazing. She monitors her food intake and has daily workouts to help her with the weight loss. She is now the host of a new E! Channel reality show about weight loss, inspiring others to follow her path to healthy and happy, all the while being in front of the camera. She is a role model for many girls.


Rebel Wilson

Hilarious actress Rebel Wilson has never needed anyone’s seal of approval on her body. She has been very vocal of her love for her physical figure and thinks that people need to embrace who they are and keep out of other people’s pantries. That being said, the Pitch Perfect alum has indeed lost a few pounds of her own. She is looking healthier, but Rebel we will love you no matter what.


Amy Schumer

You would think that being funny would be enough these days in Hollywood, however, even funny woman and comedian Amy Schumer was asked to lose weight before the filming of Trainwreck.


Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy got her name out there when she played role of Sookie St. James in the practically cult series, Gilmore Girls. These days Melissa is a famous Hollywood actress, known for her comical roles in Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. On the personal side of things, Melissa has recently dropped a serious amount of lbs in an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, and also created her own dress brand for plus size women.


Renee Zellweger

She won over everyone’s hearts in her role as Bridget Jones as the relatable singleton. The actress had to gain 20 pounds to make the role more believable and she pretty much went from a size 4 to a size 14. She went back to her figure in an incredible slim down.



Adele has always been and will always be a beautiful woman. She has had an incredible weight loss transformation within the last few years. She has lost a total of 30 lbs thanks to a clean-diet and regular trips to the gym. The singer admits that she doesn’t enjoy the gym, although she does lift weights so long as she doesn’t have to look in the mirror.


Rachael Ray

In 2015, Rachael had lost two jean sizes after sharing her weight loss journey over social media with her fans. As of 2016, Rachael has gained back at least 37 lbs since starting menopause. She has become so relatable to so many women, who have experienced this at some point in their lives.


Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. She announced a whopping 4 stone weight loss in 2016 after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and has been photographed looking extremely slim in Dundee.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson hit headlines when she starred as Daisy Duke in the remake Dukes Of Hazard, for her incredible figure in those tiny shorts. However, over the years since, Jessica’s weight has fluctuated with the birth of her two children. Now, Jessica has managed to lose the weight that plagued her on tabloid covers and she’s back to her old self after dropping 60 lbs. Good on you girl!