Visitors Are Banned from Going to These Intriguing Locations

Visitors Are Banned from Going to These Intriguing Locations

For many of us,  there is nothing more intriguing and alluring than a forbidden place. What makes these places more attractive to travelers is the fact that they are forbidden to the public. After all we all want to see what it is that makes these places so special. Some of these places have dark histories and secrets, while others are so delicates that a human presence could destroy them forever. These forbidden and impassable locations can be found all over the world and while you may not be able to enter, keep scrolling to see our list of the world’s most intriguing forbidden places.

Moscow’s Secret Metro 2

There are many who believe that a secret tunnel system exists below the streets of Moscow, so much so that they named it Metro-2. The tunnels are said to link several important locations in the city. It was in 1992 that the world first learned of these tunnels despite them believed to be far older.

Vladimir Gonik spent two decades collecting evidence on the tunnels, which he believed were built during WWII for Stalin. It is rumored that Stalin used the metro as his own personal secret transport and the tunnels connect government buildings and secret war rooms and bunkers.

Poveglia Island:Italy’s Plague Island

Poveglia Island has a very dark history. Back in the 1300s, this island was where Italy sent the men, women, and children who were thought to have contracted the Black Plague. Once placed on the island, those people were left to survive on their own and the island also served as a gravesite for many who succumbed to the plague.

The darkness does not end there, in 1922, a mental institution was built on the island after it was uninhabited since the days of the plague. The head doctor of the mental hospital was said to mistreat the patients until he died mysteriously. Today, it is illegal to travel to the island and many people believe it is one of the most haunted places in Italy.

Mysterious Area 51

Area 51 is one of the most infamous spots on American soil. The area was initially used for the testing of military planes but has transformed into an area that is said to house some extraterrestrial elements. The area itself is surrounded by an enormous amount of cameras to make sure there are no trespassers, leading many to jump to curious conclusions.

We are talking spaceships and aliens in Area 51, with large trucks riding in in the middle of the night so that they do not attract attention. Either way, no one can go there.

The Worlds Largest Spy Installation: Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill is a base located in England that essentially looks like giant gold balls are spread around the base. The round fixtures on the base on the building are the reason as to why many people have an interest in it.

The base is said to be where the Middle East and European monitoring and intelligence take place, but in reality, it is truly a mystery as to what the base is used for. Perhaps one day the truth will come to light.

New Yorks Quarantine Island

North Brother Island is in New York and the only possible way to enter is with a permit given by New York’s Department of Recreation. The eerie place was once a home for highly ill individuals and they were placed here to keep them away from the rest of the people in the city. They did this to prevent the spread of disease.

Thanks to medical technology, North Brother Island has stood empty for nearly 60 years. However, some say that the island is incredibly haunted and at night strange noises can be heard coming from the island.

The Vaults at the Bank of England

The vaults under the streets of London hold one-fifth of the world’s gold. The gold is said to be worth around $248 billion and weigh in at 6,256 tons.

The vaults were once open to the public when the gold was not there (it was used as a safe space during the World Wars), but now that it is stored there, it is impossible for just anyone to get in. It takes several keys and a lot of supervision to gain access.

The Long Lost Ark of the Covenant Site

The Temple of Solomon has been a source of legend for years and years. Scholars believe they have found the walls of the sacred space, while others do not agree and think it is yet another temple but not the actual temple.

However, if it is the temple, it is said to house the Ark of the Covenant which is also said to hold the Ten Commandments themselves therein. The only people allowed among the ruins are experts in the field.

The Vatican Personal Archives

Straight out of a Dan Brown novel, the Vatican Archives is one of the most mysterious places around. The only way to get into the archives is by Papal approval and that is not given in most cases. There are those who theorize that the archives hold proof of aliens, theological theories, and proof of an impending apocalypse.

What the archives do contain are documents like King Henry VIII’s letter to the Pope asking to divorce wife number one. The documents in the archive have been collected for centuries here you can find anything from letters from Kings to ancient relics.

Admax Highest Maximum Security Prison

Admax is the kind of place one would not want to visit anyway, but it holds interest as it is a federal prison that is said to be the toughest in the world. Some of the worst criminals are located at Admax.

Each inmate is kept in their isolated cell for 23 of the day’s 24 hours, and their cell is a mere 7 by 12 feet in size. When outside, the inmates are in cages to prevent them from communicating with one another.

Anceint Imperial Shrines at Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine is one of the most sacred spaces in all of Japan. There are several shrines inside, some of which are taken down and redone every couple of decades to keep them in the best shape.


Other shrines have been left untouched since the 3rd century! Needless to say, the oldest of the shrines are off limits to anyone who is not one of the few priests who visit or the imperial family themselves.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

With a name as long as this, there is bound to be a story. This vault is located on an island off the coast of Norway. The building was built on the side of the mountain range and is a part of it in a sense as it is dug deep into the mountain.

The building was built to withstand anything. The purpose of the building is to house crop collections so that if we should ever need to replant, we have the source.

The Abandoned Town of Chernobyl

Perhaps one of the most famous places on this list, Chernobyl is a ghost town. The home of the worst nuclear disaster to ever happen, Chernobyl had people fleeing for their lives to avoid radiation poisoning.

For a long time, it was not advised for people to visit the town but lately, there have been more and more tours that people take at their own risk as it is still not officially designated as safe.

The UN neutral zone of Cyprus

The UN buffer zone on the island of Cyprus is an area that separates the Greek controlled part of the island from the Turkish part of the island. It is forbidden to enter this buffer site, let alone take any pictures. The area was abandoned suddenly when the buffer zone was created and many had to leave their homes and possession. As a result, much of the abandoned zone is like a time capsule.


It is said that the crumbling buildings still contain the possessions of the people who had to flee and old cars can still be seen parked in the streets that are slowly being taken over by mother nature.

Surtsey Island: Natures Creation

Surtsey Island is an unihabited island that was created after a massive volcanic eruption in 1963. After the eruptions sceitntists were suprised to see the island popp up from beneth the waves. While the island is dangerous because it is an active volcano, that is not the main reason the island is off limits to everyone except sceitntists.

The island is the perfect place to study how the earth formed and scientists don’t want to area contaminated by a human presence. The island is also a World Heritage Site and will likely continue to be forbidden for anyone who is unauthorized to be there so that it may not be contaminated.

The Mighty Coca Cola Vault

Coca Cola is one of the most successful companies in the world. Their original recipe for the signature Coke is under lock and key in the company’s vault. There are tours of the vault but it is the external portion of it, there is zero chance of getting your hands on the recipe, let alone the interior rooms.

There are very few Coca Cola employees who know the true recipe and they are sure to take it to their grave.

First Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang has rested beneath the rolling hills of China for over 2,000 years. As was customary, the Emperor was buried with what he may need in the life after this one.

As such, he was buried with over one thousand terracotta horses and fighters. There was a time when people could go and see them for themselves but access has since been revoked due to deteriorating conditions and the desire to keep them preserved.

Poisonous Snake Island

An island with more snakes per step than any other space in the world. Ilha da Queimada Grande is a small island that rests off of Brazil. The snakes are bountiful and poisonous, with the golden lancehead being the very worst of its kind.

The only visitors to the island is part of the navy fleet who come to monitor the lighthouse. Even they do not stay long and all other visitors are prohibited; it is just far too dangerous.

The Natives of North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island holds one of the very last indigenous tribes in the world. This place has not been touched by modern technology or any technology for that matter. Those who have tried to visit have not been met with kindness.

A man named John Allen Chau tried to connect with the people but was shot on sight and left where he fell. These tribes are to be left alone and they do not mix their messages either.

Okinoshima Shrine

The island of Okinoshima is one of the 6,852 islands that make up Japan. There are islands where cats are the dominant presence over humans, and another where the only people allowed on it are the Japanese royal family.

However, Okinoshima is an island with a single priest as the sole inhabitant. The priest allows a few men to come to visit once a year, with women forbidden to come at any point in time.

Heard Island Reserve

Heard Island is located a long way away from its territorial sister – Australia. The island is considered to be one of the most remote spots on the planet. It is so remote that it would take two weeks by boat to get anywhere meaningful from the island.

As if that were not enough, there has been an active volcano on the island since 2000. The only inhabitants of the island are an array of wildlife.

The Lascaux Cave

The Lascaux Cave was discovered by four young boys who were playing in the area. One boy went through a small opening, followed by a lamp to see inside. What he ended up finding was a large cave what is believed to be home to the world’s oldest ancient paintings.

The cave was once open to the public after the discovery but in 1963 they were shut as the amount of carbon dioxide people were bringing in was having horrible effects on the art. Today, only scientists and anthropologists are allowed within the cave’s walls in order to protect it. However a duplicate cave was created for visitors to visit.

The Massive Google Data Centers

Google data centers are how the company manages to make the world go round. It is not meant to be public knowledge but it is commonly known to exist (so the secret is not as such anymore). Due to the fact that millions upon millions of people use Google every second of every day, with approximately 5.6 billion searches taking place, these data centers are a necessity.

There are said to be 12 of these centers in the US alone. Only authorized Google personnel are allowed into these areas as the servers are far too important to Google’s functionality for any outsiders.

China’s Spy Museum

Many nations have a spy museum for people to browse through and learn that nation’s history of intelligence. However, China has made a rule that it is not going to allow anyone who is not a Chinese national to enter the Spy Museum.

Sorry, but if you are visiting and looking to enter Nanjing’s Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, you are out of luck. The director of the museum said that the information inside is far too sensitive.