This Farmer’s Mysterious Discovery Turned Out To Be Something Incredible

A Christmas Surprise

Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas was just enjoying some fresh air while enjoying a casual Christmas Day in 2015 stroll with his dogs, when something unusual happened.

Stumbling Upon A Foreign Object

Jose Antonio Nievas’ farm was located about located 25 miles south of Buenos Aires. It was during his walk, when he passed a stream on his property and something extremely unusual caught his eye. It looked like a huge stone, but he had never noticed it before. He went to investigate further.

Not What it Seemed

As he got closer, Nievas observed that it was in fact not a stone at all. The strange object was partly covered in mud, making it difficult to determine what it actually was. As he tried to clean off some of the grime from the object, he suddenly became alarmed.

Calling for Assistance

Nieves attempted for some time to dig the mystifying object out of the mud and clean it to get a better look. Nonetheless, he was having trouble dislodging it from the riverbank and needed another pair of helping hands to assist.

Needed Reinforcement

The local farmer then called his wife over for reinforcement, telling her that he thought he had found something incredible. However, when he explained the object to his wife, she didn’t believe him and thought he was joking. What had he told her he had found?

So What Was It?

“My husband went out to the car and when he came back he said, ‘Hey, I just found an egg that looks like it came from a dinosaur,” she said. “We all laughed because we thought it was a joke.” But it was, in fact, not a joke at all.

Could It Really Be?

Reina eventually came to help her husband out, but it turned out that the unusual find wasn’t actually a giant relic that could have been a prop on the set of Jurassic Park. The family was left utterly confused, but they would soon learn the astonishing truth.

Bigger Than The Two Of Them

The couple continued their efforts to extract the discovery, working carefully and deliberately so as not to harm the object. Despite their attempts, however, the pair realized that the object was larger than they had initially estimated. They were going to need some serious back up.

Police Called Instantly

They realized they needed more help and decided to call the police to see if they could help identify it and remove it from the muddy waters. No one was expecting what happened when the authorities arrived.

Crowds Building Around The Site

By the time the police arrived at Jose’s farm, hundreds of townspeople were crowding around to get a look at the strange object, and take pictures of it. Yet neither the police or the public could reach a firm conclusion.


Utterly Baffled And Lost For Answers

The authorities were just as stumped as Jose and his family and couldn’t provide any concrete explanation. Luckily, Jose’s dog had made its way over to the scene and started behaving in a way that provided a hint about the nature of the unexplainable discovery.

Searching For Clues

Jose’s dog had made its way over to all of the commotion and started exploring the area of the riverbed where the big, bizarre object was found. The curious dog started sniffing and barking at it leading the human observers to realize that this was more than just an ordinary stone.


Extraordinary Discovery

The locals began offering their guesses about the strange mystery. Still, none of those who had flocked to Jose’s farm to witness the extraordinary discovery could offer an explanation that seemed to fit. That’s when the police decided that it was vital to take further action.

Turning To The Experts

At this point, the authorities decided to bring in specialized experts, and called upon two local archaeologists who could hopefully explain the out-of-this world discovery. The archaeologists were delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the rare discovery.

What Could They Uncover?

As the archaeologists attempted to remove the mud and dig the giant egg-shaped item out of the riverbed, they realized just how huge and heavy it was. The group of excavators struggled to move the shell. The experts had to wade in the muddy water to dig around the gigantic and heavy artifact. They were finally able to extract it and carefully load it for transport to the lab, where additional research would provide an extraordinary answer.

A Waiting Game

The archaeologists ran extensive tests and examined samples of the mysterious shell-like structure under the microscope. The scientists observed what couldn’t necessarily be confirmed by the naked eye, and they were extremely excited by what they saw.

Unexpected Answer

Much to everyone’s shock, the scientists revealed that the 2 ton discovery actually had an explanation. As it turned out, they said that the giant object was, in fact, an extremely well-preserved ancient fossil belonging to a prehistoric beast.

When Word Got Out

Word got out that the mysterious 2 ton discovery was a giant glyptodon shell, and everyone was astounded. While experts said that it is very rare to find such an intact fossil belonging to the prehistoric creature, it did occasionally occur, and this was one of those occasions.

Was It A Hoax?

More experts piped up, and some even addressed suspicions that the mysterious discovery had been a staged hoax. While other scientists couldn’t come up with concrete answers, unless the studied the relic directly, photographs and footage of the shell led many experts to paint a vivid picture.

Mystery Finally Explained

“It would be an ingenious hoaxer who would construct such a thing,” said scientist Prof. Lister. “The shell looks like a genuine glyptodon shell, and the hole is “wear and tear,” not where the head or tail went,” he added.

Pre-Historic Creature

Glyptodons roamed Earth during the last Ice Age. Roughly the same size and weight as a Volkswagen Beetle car, these mammals can be recognized by their rounded, plated armor, that apparently once measured about two inches thick.

Was It Genuine?

While questions flew around about the genuine nature of the fossil found on Jose Antonio Nievas’ farm, it is known that glyptodons originally evolved in South America and lived on the continent for tens of millions of years.

Incredible Outcome

“The animal became extinct thousands of years ago and it is very common to find their fossils in this region,” paleontologist Alejandro Kramarz told AFP. Although the now-extinct animals most-recently lived thousands of years ago, researchers continue to study their surprising relation with another species that could have led to their extinction.

What Led To Their Extinction?

Evidence shows that humans hunted these huge animals and used their shells for shelter before they went extinct around 10,000 years ago. Their extinction is believed to have coincided with the human arrival to the Americas. And while mankind has outlasted these extraordinary extinct animals, you may well be familiar with their modern-day ancestors.

What Was It Similar To?

Although the mammoth size of glyptodons had raised doubt about their lineage, the archaeologists suspected that they were ancient relatives of a fairly common land animal that is a much smaller mammal but also has a protective armor shell.

What Other Answers Did They Unearth

The large fossil found on the farm in Argentina was gigantic in size, measuring about three feet long. However, paleontologists estimated that the shell had belonged to a juvenile glyptodon seeing that fully-mature members of the species could measure up to 11 feet in length.

What An Outcome

It is quite incredible to think that these huge beasts once roamed the Earth, and the amazing discovery of the well-kept glyptodon remnant found by this farmer, has helped scientists uncover further breakthroughs about the mysteries of these extinct animals. The Earth is just filled with artifacts waiting to be discovered. Who knows, maybe it will be you next.