These Pictures Made People Question Their Reality

These Pictures Made People Question Their Reality

Sometimes we may quickly glance at an image and see something strange and unexplainable. It is only after taking a second look that we see it is all a matter of perspective. Other times we may look at something and think there is a glitch in the matrix and that things are repeating themselves. But again with close inspection, it can all make sense. These instances prove that sometimes our minds can play tricks on us. So at times, we may need to examine a picture more closely to be able to tell what is really going on. Keep scrolling to see some of the most confusing images that might need a closer look to make sense.

The Whole Bite

While upon first inspection you may think this giant man is swallowing this poor lady whole, it’s actually a nifty optical illusion. Yup, perspective is everything, and this unique picture was possible because the man is closer to the camera than the woman.

All it took was some strategic posing and readjusting and the illusion was perfect. Funnily this is the couple’s engagement picture. Now every time they look back at this happy time in their lives they will see this funny image.

Dragon Dogs

If you don’t look closely enough you may be convinced that these are a pair of rare fire breathing golden retrievers from a land far far away.

In reality its actually two normal pups chewing on their favorite sticks, the fire just happens to be perfectly positioned. From this angle, the fire looks like it’s coming from the dog’s mouth instead of from the fire pit near the camera.

Let Me Give You A Hand

Is this a picture of a kind lady helping your miniature sized boyfriend? Nope, actually it’s another optical illusion.

While this man may look like he could fit in your pocket, he is actually just standing in the background. If you ask us this is the perfect couple picture.

Boats In The Sky

Sailboats tend to need a body of water to float in, whether it is a lake, a river, or an ocean. This picture makes it appear like the world has been flipped upside down. Not only are these moored sailboats bobbing away in the sky, but the park below it appears to be having a festival.

It looks like all of the festival-goers sailed over to this park through the sky, and then descended to the park for a massive party. Whoever took this photo, knowing that they were seeing something truly extraordinary. The only thing that would make this appear to be a glitch, even more, is if one of the boats was sailing through the sky.

Day Or Night?

Sometimes cold fronts will roll in and bring with it a lot of dense cloud cover. This community found a blanket of clouds over their residential area. It almost appears as if a giant spaceship is covering the community, and they are about to be beamed up and taken to another planet.

The thin line between night and day can be seen here, and with the sun in the distance, that makes it even more confusing about what exactly is happening here.

Raging Squirrel

We have heard of the Jackalope but this must be his distant cousin, the Burrel. While it looks like this cute squirrel has a pair of massive bulls horns he actually is quite innocent.

This is what happens when a squirrel gets photobombed by a bull with perfect timing. We must say, despite the horn this squirrels expression is priceless.

Eagle Eye

It almost looks as if this lady is wearing an elaborate bird costume. Well, it turns out she isn’t one of the latest Marvel characters, she actually just has a parrot on her shoulder.

If you look close enough you can see the parrot is perfectly positioned between her face and the camera. So it looks like the parrot’s eye is her own. This picture was snapped at the perfect moment.

Bird Confusion

Birds love to perch on lamp posts, roofs, and power lines. Usually, they need something to perch on that is stable, or at the very least, attached to something immovable. This bird decided to branch out, and simply perch in what looks like thin air.

How it is managing to stay in the air, with its wings down, appears to be some kind of magic. We think there might be a hidden weathervane that it is resting on. Otherwise, this is definitely the Matrix.

Double Trouble

Duplicates of objects, animals, and people tend to be a sign that there is a glitch, and these four cars definitely make it appear that this is true. The two blue Audis in the front and the two black cars behind them are identical.

The only way we know that this isn’t a glitch is because the license plates are different. Otherwise, we would think that Keanu Reeves’ character Neo was about to show up to find some of the bad guys who want the Matrix to continue running. It is simply a coincidence that these cars were in the right place at the right time.

Matching Veins

Sometimes nature can surprise you. This person found a perfectly round leaf segment on the ground. As they picked it up, it aligned on their palm. Both the veins on the leaf, and the lines on the person’s hand are exactly the same.

This makes it look like Mother Nature designed this particular leaf for this person’s exact hand. The world works in mysterious ways, or the Matrix is just very attuned to each person that enters it. Now, you can keep an eye out for any naturally occurring things like flowers and leaves to see if they match the lines on your hands.

On The Longside

Avocados are delicious. They are usually about the size of a hand, with a giant pit surrounded by scrumptious green flesh. Something went wrong with this avocado, and instead of being hand-sized, it seems to be stretched.

It still appears to be edible, but if this really is the Matrix, then the algorithm for this avocado is a bit off and needs to be checked for bugs. In any case, this person will get to make a lot of guacamole with this oversized avocado.

Grape Confusion

Sometimes fruits will grow and change color as they ripen. Lemons tend to start out green, and then as they ripen, they become that vibrant yellow color we all associate with them.

Grapes tend to be red or green, and this grape could literally not decide what kind of grape it was going to be. Now, this person gets to eat a grape, which is perfectly red and green. We’re not sure how it got the straight line down the middle, but we have to admit we’re impressed.

When Two Become One

Marmalade colored cats are adorable. The orange color is pretty unique, and in nature, there are not very many animals that get that reddish hue, with the exception of foxes. It is also a popular color for hardwood floors.

This cat and the floor are literally the exact same shade and grain of orange. If this was the Matrix, then the programmers would have simply decided to use the same color for both of these animate and inanimate things.

Floating on By

Looking at this picture you will be convinced this boat is floating in the air. Unless you really look closely, its difficult to see the waterline and this has made the cave a very special place.

In actual fact, this is just the result of the incredibly clear and still water in this Greek cave. This is Melissani Cave on the island of Kefalonia and in ancient Greece, these tranquil waters were known as the cave of nymphs. If you swim in the water it looks like you are flying. It seems pretty cool!

Programming Glitches

If you look at the mirror’s reflection of the television, and what is actually on the television, you will see that they are two completely different images. This is rather odd, as you would think that the mirror would reflect what is being watched.

This is definitely a sign that something has gone awry in the Matrix. The reflection should definitely match the reality of what is on television. It would match if this was the real world, right?


We have all seen photos that are incredibly pixelated and taken with a low-quality camera. We have also seen pictures that take a few seconds to load if there is a bad internet connection.

This building looks like it was in the process of loading, and then it simply failed to load. Whoever designed this building definitely wanted to play with peoples’ minds and make them wonder if what they are seeing is real.

Seeing Double

This seems like a well-trafficked garden. There is foliage everywhere, and flower pots dotted throughout it, which makes for a good spot for a peaceful stroll. These two men, or are the same man, decided to go for a walk through the garden.

What is odd is that they are dressed identically, and if we didn’t know better, we would think that they are the same person. This is either the Matrix repeating itself, or two elderly twins out for a walk.

Not a Leg To Stand On

Looking at this picture it is only natural that you would be a little freaked out. You see, because of the water in the pool, the light is being refracted strangely.

This makes it look like this lady is all legs and nobody. But she is not just ahead with feet her body is just obscured by the refraction. Next time you are in the pool you may want to try out this neat trick.


It seems like matching outfits is something both couples, and twins like to do when they go abroad. These two women decided to don matching ponchos unless, of course, they are in the Matrix and are the same person.

We’re inclined to think that these two just wanted to match in the airport because if you look at their luggage, they have different travel pillows. The pattern is not the same on those ones, nor is the color of their carry-on bags.

Mutated Fruit

A glitch is essentially a reproduction of something. This person had a lemon tree in their backyard, which would always produce a ton of sour yellow fruits.

Then, one day, they noticed that something appeared to be mutating on the tree. Instead of a single lemon, about ten lemons are morphed together to turn into this lemon monstrosity. They definitely look like they were repeated a few too many times in a computer program’s sequence.

Chopped Off

In another instance of failure to load, we have a park in the middle of winter. Each tree looks like the top was cut off as a programming error. In reality, a very discerning farmer seems to have meticulously chopped off the top of each tree.

This makes for very symmetrical tree-lined paths, which will be nice to walk down in the summer. Right now, it looks a tad on the chilly side, but if it is the Matrix that could change at any second at the press of a button.

Shadow Of A Bottle

Sometimes when the light hits an object just right, the shadow that is cast is something completely different. This pen, which is made of clear plastic, is one of those objects.

As the sun hit the pen, it created a shadow that makes the pen appear to be a massive water bottle. It might look like a water bottle, but it is definitely not one that you can drink from. Once more, the Matrix strikes again and makes objects appear to be more than what they are.

A Suspended Icicle

We’ve seen a floating bird, but now we have a mysterious floating icicle outside of a window. This feat of engineering is pretty confusing. How would an icicle manage to float outside of a window without the help of a ledge or something else to hang off of?

We think that the trick to this icicle is that it is actually frozen against the glass of the window. Hopefully, it does now fall off and take the whole window with it.

Matching Heads

The subway is a great way to get around busy metropolises like New York City or Paris. These men all decided to ride the subway this day, but their matching bald pates were something of a surprise for all that saw them.

It is pretty rare to see so many men who all appear to look the same, much less to see them sitting next to each other. Whoever took this picture, definitely could not believe this was not the Matrix.


On Repeat

The Matrix is known for its love of repeating images. This diner is another perfect example of that. Each booth contains a couple, the man in red, and the woman in green. The man appears to be the exact same in each picture, while the woman in green tends to change slightly as the booth’s progress.

Clearly, the programming done by the Matrix for this restaurant was on the lazy side, as the men could have been changed to.

Sets Of Twins

Twins themselves are quite rare. It is not normal for couples to have twins and triplets, and when they are blessed with a pair, it is always interesting to see if they are identical or fraternal. These two sets of twins ran into each on a busy subway.

What makes this picture even better is the fact that each set of twins is making the exact same expression. If this is the Matrix, then it is simply duplicating everything as a glitch.

Not A Coincidence

Even newspapers like to play with peoples’ minds. This article writer knew that they wanted to make people question what they were seeing. They gave specific instructions to their editor, who then relayed it to the printer on how exactly the front page article should be aligned, and the paper folded to display a single important line. This line is, “This is not a coincidence.”

The writer is trying to make people think that someone is trying to let them know that they are living in the Matrix. We have to admit this definitely does appear to be a sign that there is something more out there then what we can see with our eyes.

Watching From Afar

Everyone likes going out to eat. Fast food is cheap and convenient. What was a bit odd for this woman in the sunflower patterned shirt, was the fact that a woman who looked identical to her was already in the process of ordering food.

As she gazed from afar, she literally saw her doppelganger. We have to admit that it would be kind of freaky to see. Especially because they are wearing the same patterned outfit, which would not be easy to come by.

Bald Heads

The final glitch that we found in the Matrix was this succession of bald heads on a bus. Every man that is sitting down shares the same Friar Tuck bald patch, and the white or gray hair associated with aging.

To make it even more comical, each one appears to be fast asleep as they wait to get to their destination. Now, you should keep an eye out for any glitches in the Matrix as you go about your daily life.