The Cutest And Most Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements

Nowadays, announcing a pregnancy is a big deal, and many soon-to-be parents are thinking up more elaborate ways to announce that they are expecting.  With social media, soon-to-be parents are upping their game and thinking up hilarious ways to tell their friends and families the good news.  Parents take care of the smallest details to create the perfect announcement for their families and friends, and to be honest, they sometimes seem to go a little bit overboard. Keep reading to see some of the funniest and most creative pregnancy announcements we’ve ever seen.

A Human Sibling Is Coming

This cute kitten sure doesn’t look very excited about the new member that’s about to join the family. It’s true that many pet owners look at their pets the same way they would look at their children, so these cat owners decided to include their kitty in the pregnancy announcement.

But by the looks of the cat’s face, he looks a little bit unimpressed with the news. Hopefully, he will warm up to the idea, though, and will eventually welcome his little sister or brother.

Yard Sale for Three

Well, its always good to start preparing! Friends and family of this funny couple were overjoyed when they noticed this picture appear in their news feed.

Yard Sale for Three

These future parents had been trying for a baby for a while so when they got the happy news that crested this subtle yet funny announcement picture. Guess its time to let those things go and start baby-proofing!

One More For The Team

There are all kinds of families in this world. Some people don’t want kids, and that’s perfectly fair and reasonable, some people want a small family, so maybe a kid or two, and others like huge families. It’s all a matter of preference.

But these guys are surely the latter group of people, and they clearly enjoy having the house full. So for their fifth child, they decided to announce it in the most honest way possible to their families: a chaotic but incredibly happy family was about to welcome their sixth member. From all kids in the picture, one older sister is thrilled to welcome the new baby brother or sister.

Practicing Ahead Of Time

It’s true that having a puppy at home is not the same as having a baby, but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes. Little pups are a lot of work, require a lot of cleaning, attention, and feeding, and basically, take away all of our attention as we get distracted with their endless cuteness.

Since this couple already had two pups, they thought that practicing a little bit ahead of time wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. So they grabbed both (not so little) doggies and started mimicking what it would be like to bottle feed them. We can imagine just how excited these older siblings will be when they finally meet the youngest member of the family.

A Bun In The Oven

One of the most classy ways to share the news of a new family member is by saying that there is a bun in the oven. Fun fact, this specific phrase became a reference to pregnancies all the way back in 1951, when Nicholas Monserrate published the novel “Cruel Sea”.

In the book, a character called Bennet makes reference to a pregnancy by using the phrase, “I bet you left a bun in the oven, both of you”. Since then, the phrase stuck around and has been used for decades all over the world. So this couple decided to announce their pregnancy in a classy way, obviously including their two little fur babies.

A Happy Accident

For relationships and joint parenthood to work, communication is key. Sure, communication is key to almost every type of relationship in life, but in this case, this couple is going to need a lot of open moments and honest conversations. Either way, it does seem like they’ve started on a good note.

Instead of pretending like this baby has been planned for months, they admitted that instead of a mistake, the new family member was just a happy accident that happened at the right time. They then decided to announce it to their family and friends, while the guy pretends to be painting an ultrasound photo onto the future mom’s belly.

A Fresh Prince Announcement

Planning the perfect pregnancy announcement can be tough but luckily for this couple, they got a little help from a local celebrity. While sitting in a coffee shop they saw Will Smith waiting for his coffee.

The couple explained their problem and Will was such a good guy he agreed to help. Talk about a memorable pregnancy announcement, after all, how often have couples been helped like this by famous celebs.

Twice Is Better

For first time parents, finding out that they’re pregnant can be both the best news of their lives, but also a pretty nerve-wracking moment. Their lives are about to completely change in ways that they don’t even know yet.

But one thing that is scarier than finding out that they are pregnant with one baby is to find out that they’re expecting twins. No one really expects to find out they’re about to have not one, but two babies! So to announce it to their families, this couple thought it would be a good idea to portray exactly how they feel, but in a funny way.

A Creative Movie Poster

It’s so much fun to have a partner who agrees to do crazy things together, especially when that means creating an entire movie poster to announce a pregnancy. Someone in this relationship probably loves to watch hit romantic comedies and managed to convince their partner to create a poster of a movie we would probably love watching.

Courtney and Billy seem to be having fun with this new phase of life, with Courtney clearly showing the pros of eating for two.

The Eviction Notice

This has to be one of the funniest and most creative pregnancy announcements we’ve seen. This kid is about to have a new sibling joining the family, so her parents decided to let her know while teaching her about what it means to grow up.

The “landlords” have announced the time she has until her eviction when a new family member will take over her crib. She had a 27 weeks’ notice, which is pretty generous, but unfortunately, she was still not impressed with the joke.

Partners in Crime

Now, this couple really has a sense of humor and a knack for marketing. When it came time to announce their pregnancy they did it in style with this mugshot photoshoot.

The couple really worked the camera and posed for these hilarious pictures. The grandparents must have really loved this announcement!

Switching Roles

We’re all for the fluidity of gender identities and norms, so we love how this couple announced their pregnancy in a funny and fluid way. They decided to “switch roles”, by adding a baby bump to the father and changing things up a little bit.

They also decided to announce the pregnancy a bit early on so that they could switch roles while the mom’s belly was still not showing. The couple looks incredibly happy about this new phase in their life, and we’re hoping that they keep their sense of humor all the way through parenthood.

Player Two Is Coming

Having a sibling is probably one of the best presents that our parents can give us when we are little, or sometimes when we’re already grown. This little one has been an only child for a while, and it seems like he is more than ready to have another player added to the team.

His parents decided to announce the pregnancy by getting inspired by Mario and his sidekick Luigi. In this case, their son is Mario, who was patiently waiting for Luigi to arrive in October of 2014.

A Full X-Ray

What better way to show what’s inside a person’s belly than to share an x-ray? This couple decided to make their own drawing of an x-ray instead of sharing the actual baby’s scans with the family.

In a creative moment, they made sure that the x-ray showed that there was a tiny baby in his/her mom’s belly waiting to meet everyone in the outside world. They even made it look like the baby was already waving at the family.

Baby’s First Concert

Okay, so when this baby grows up they are going to be one of the coolest kids in school when they show off this announcement picture. These hilarious parents decided to ask singer and songwriter Taylor Swift for some help with their announcement after her concert.

Taylor was happy to help and had a blast posing for this memorable pic. We wonder how they announced baby number two.

The Sibling Rivalry Starts

From the looks of it, creating movie posters to announce a pregnancy is more common than we thought. Sure, some people put more effort into it, with others just doing their best to create a fun and hilarious pregnancy announcement.

For this couple, this was clearly their second pregnancy, and they decided to make fun of the probable sibling rivalry that was coming their way. They decided to arm their kid with a colorful toy gun while placing baby number 2’s scan in the background.

Game Over

We love how these soon-to-be-parents make fun of the fact that having kids means game over. For their pregnancy announcement, they decided to pose for this funny movie poster to share with their friends and family.

Luckily the dad-to-be is a graphic designer so he had the know-how to pull it off. He also made some hilarious invitations for the couple’s gender reveal party. This pic is so good it almost looks like a real movie poster!

Super Bro

If you are having your second or third child, getting the other kids involved with the pregnancy announcement pictures can be adorable.

It is also a great way to let the kids get used to the idea of a new sibling. This soon-to-be big brother had a blast posing for this picture and he couldn’t wait for the birth of his new brother or sister. Isn’t he adorable?

The Dark Night Tales

For couples who love superheroes, a hero-related pregnancy announcement makes all the sense in the world. This couple decided to link one of the happiest moments of their lives to their favorite heroes: batman and batgirl.

They both got a cape and an entire suit, and of course, a tiny suit for little Robin. In the picture, it looks like batman was caught a little bit by surprise, but we’re sure these parents are ecstatic in real life. We hope that they recreate the photo once the little one officially joins the family.

Mixing Things Up A Notch

This couple chose to create some cool t-shirts with the funniest phrases. Inspired by the 90s anthem by Sir Mix-a-Lot, they mixed the words a little bit to make it incredibly relevant to their pregnancy announcement.

They added created their own funny lyrics to announce that they were expecting. We must say that onesie is just the cutest. We can only imagine how excited their family members must be.

How I Met Your Mother

Several TV shows have literally shaped the culture some people follow in their lives. Some of these shows include the iconic Friends, Big Bang Theory, and of course, How I Met Your Mother.

Since these parents-to-be seem to be big fans of the show, they also decided to print out a legendary phrase on their t-shirts to announce their pregnancy. Hopefully, their family members are fans, too, because only true fans will understand how cool this announcement really is.

Daddy Wake Up

Ah, the perks of having many children. While the experience comes with so much love, companionship, and little beings who literally look at their grown-ups like heroes, it also comes with a lot of sleepless nights and crazy moments.

Either way, some people love to keep them coming, just like this couple. Whether they planned it or not, a third baby is on the way, and life is about to get a whole lot more interesting and difficult. But full of love, remember the love!

Encore Time

We wonder if this pregnancy announcement is sharing that baby number three, also known as the “encore” is on his/her way, but it’s also the last baby that is joining this family. While the “original” looks absolutely ecstatic with another sibling, the little “remix” doesn’t seem so impressed by the whole fuss being dedicated to this new human.

Or maybe the “remix” wasn’t too happy about the fact that she was downgraded to a mere “remix”. Or she has no idea what’s happening, which is the most probable option.

Cravings Dictate Everything

We’ve all heard of women who have the weirdest cravings when they’re pregnant. They sometimes crave things that they would never ever eat in different circumstances, while others make the weirdest mixes, like pickles and ice cream!

This woman is clearly not expecting just one baby, but two! So she found the perfect way to announce that she and her partner are about to have twins.


Now, this type of pregnancy announcement has become a classic. For most of us, staring at that loading image on the screen can sometimes be nerve-wracking, especially if things are advancing pretty slowly.

It seems like this mom is already more than halfway through, and will soon be able to meet her little one. She decided that the creative loading drawing would be the best way to announce her pregnancy to all of her loved ones.

Battle Plan

This dad teamed up with his son to make this perfectly adorable pregnancy announcement. In it, you can see all the special instructions this dad is passing on to his son about the new baby.

However, we suspect this expecting mom had a little something to do with the last item on that list. The cutest part about this picture is that even the dog seems to be listening!

Eating In Solidarity

This couple chose to bring some doughnuts to the pregnancy announcement mix, and it ended up being the cutest and funniest pregnancy announcement ever. Whether this was in a workplace or at a family gathering, this was a very creative way of announcing to everyone that mom’s belly was about to grow a whole lot.

And since she didn’t have control over that, she thought she would share some doughnuts to hopefully get some people on board with their bellies growing too.

Soon To Be Five

Sometimes, using facial expressions is the best way to express one’s feelings, instead of writing a bunch of words that probably fail to do the job. Well, this dad grabbed his two munchkins and mom’s pregnancy test and decided to create a photo showing just how shocked they all were.

The moment that parents become outnumbered by their children is probably pretty game-changing, especially if they didn’t plan to have more than two. Hopefully, nine months will be enough time to get over the shock.

Not The Flu

Oh, morning sickness is a pain! So many pregnant women experience this, and there is almost nothing anyone can do about it but push through. Pregnant with baby number two, this couple also decided to implement some of their reality to their pregnancy announcement.

While she might not actually be experiencing morning sickness at that exact moment, she showed where she’s been spending most of her time. In the meantime, dad and baby number one seem to be having a blast.

Watch for Children

This couple looks like they have been through a war. We love how they have made fun of being a new parent in this hilarious announcement picture. You have to admit that posing in front of the ‘Watch for Children’ sign was a genius idea.

It seems these soon-to-be parents are getting ready for those sleepless nights and dirty diapers just in time for their baby. This is definitely an announcement picture to frame.

A Safety-Pin Announcement

One thing that this announcement teaches us is that to announce a pregnancy, no one needs to spend a crazy amount of money. We’ve seen so many people going to crazy places to announce their pregnancies or baby genders, but this family takes it back a notch.

They simply took a couple of safety-pins together, including a tiny one that represents the baby that’s coming. Yet, there are two other kids in the family already, who are a little bit bigger than the teeny tiny baby.