How To Beat The Mid-Week Blues


If you are someone who lives for the weekend, then you are probably familiar with the mid-week blues. When the weekend still feels far away, and that supposedly jolly mid-week hump has been and gone, yet you still cant shake that melancholia. Fear not, we have some top tips to help you turn that frown upside down. Only one more day until Friyay!

Breath And You Shall Receive

It may sound silly if you haven’t done it before, but simply connecting to your breath is a really positive way of getting grounded and feeling connected to yourself, and being in the moment. Try it you have nothing to lose. Take a big long deep breath in for 5 and really feel your lungs expanding, and then count to 5 as you breathe out, letting all the air release from your lungs until you feel as though there is no air left. This will instantly calm you down, and give you room to think clearly and to let go of any negative thoughts.

Get Movin’ And Groovin’

Put some tunes on, and go for a walk, you will be surprised at how great you feel after. Even on your lunch break, go for a short power walk and get your body moving and oxygen flowing through your body. After work, have a dance and release all of that stored negativity. You will feel a lot lighter.


Self- care is extremely important, and often something that we neglect. Today promise yourself that you are going to do one thing for yourself, whether it be reading a book after work, running yourself a bubble bath, making a healthy dinner, or turning off your technology for a while. Really enjoy whatever it is, and you will find that by the time the weekend comes, you are in a really positive head-space.